Artist Presentation  Fort Morgan

Artist Presentation
Fort Morgan

Victoria Gómez Betancourt

City of Fort Morgan
Development Director,
Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights

Victoria Gómez Betancourt is a storyteller. This Caribbean, canaria, and fifth generation veMEXzolana honors her love affair with Mexican cultura and la lucha social in Latin America by singing gripping rancheras and música de protesta. In addition to music, Victoria has a long trajectory as a visual artist and a writer. Both her artwork and her prose explore the complexities of being panlatina, sudaca, a person of color, gender fluid, and a disabled inmigrante who is also a reproductive justice advocate and an artivista abortista. Victoria is most known for her artivism and performance work centered on disrupting the culture of shame, silence, and stigma surrounding abortion as well as sexual and gender violence. Victoria lives in Aurora’s immigrant enclave with her two loves, her Latinx elder Teo and one super consentido cat, Tenoch.