Michele Trujillo

Antonito Homeschool Consortium | Director

Michele Terese Trujillo was born and raised in the San Luis Valley.  Working as a professional educator for the past 19 years and currently serving as the director of the Antonito Homeschool Consortium under the non profit organization Conejos Clean Water. Michele is concerned with social and environmental justice issues of the rural communities in the Valley and how these inequities impact education for students is her primary focus.  Michele presents nationally and internationally on educational topics and has publications that focus on the educational implications for culturally and linguistically diverse students in rural schools.  

Michele earned a doctoral degree in education in 2011 from Northern Arizona University, a master’s degree in special education in 1999 from the University of Northern Colorado; and a BA in music in 1994 from Colorado State University.

Michele is actively involved in her community by serving on various committees, and is a valued member of the CCW  board through her school and community connections.