Dr. Janina Fariñas, Ph.D., LCP

La Cocina | Clinical Director

Dr. Janina E. Fariñas currently is Janina E. Fariñas, PhD, LCP. La Cocina Clinical Director and Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Colorado State University (CSU).

Trained as a pediatric neuropsychologist and a couple and family therapist, Dr. Fariñas’ areas of clinical and research expertise include very early and early childhood stress, toxic stress, adversity and trauma, Infant Mental Health, Latinx Psychology, Latinx Family Studies, and Latinx health equity and community mental health. For the past 11 years, Dr. Fariñas has dedicated herself the development of trauma informed programs benefiting families, women and children/infants. In particular, Dr. Fariñas seeks to shed light on systemic factors causing and/or affecting increases in childhood abuse and neglect, systemic mental health problems, and community toxic stress. Not limited to, but inclusive of Latinx communities, this work has been central to Dr. Fariñas’ work surrounding young and very-young childhood and community-based trauma and making community equity central to Dr. Fariñas’ work.

Dr. Fariñas is passionate about sharing how fundamental interconnectedness between mental health and health equity are at the heart of how integrated clinical and non-clinical programs can optimally support the overall wellbeing and engagement of a community. In February, 2017, Dr. Fariñas founded La Cocina, a cross-sectorial, multidisciplinary community mental health program that addresses how added systemic upstream stressors facing the U.S. Latinx community affect all of us on various levels. She is the 2017 recipient of the City of Fort Collins Human Relations Award (adult category), and serves as a Faculty Fellow in the One Health Institute. She holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology (pediatric specialization) and a Masters in psychology.