SOL Award RECIPIENT   Denver


Betty Aragon-Mitotes

2018 SOL Award Recipient  

Betty Aragon-Mitotes has worked tirelessly to be an advocate for the Hispanic community and the working poor. She has gone to numerous City Council meetings to be the voice for those who feel they have no voice and to stand up on issues that affect the Hispanic community, the Tres Colonias, and the working poor. It has been imperative for her to showcase Hispanic history and culture and to bring pride to the people that have been overlooked for so long. Giving back to the community has given her so much pride and enjoyment. 

It has been such an honor to partner with so many organizations in the community on our cultural events, and have so many individuals and business’ want to be a part of the excellent work and have helped with donations and sponsorship over the years not only at the Museo but with Mujeres de Colores. It was an honor to have the famous actor Edward James Olmos come to visit the Museo with the help of the Jean Lamm from the Beet Street Organization, in their Finding Home Program in 2009.

It has been my honor to nominate other Latina’s for awards that are doing fantastic work in the community and being recognized, honored and showcased.