Angell Pérez, M.A.

Circles of Change Colorado | Executive Director

Racial Justice and Equity Expertise
I have over 15 years experience providing Diversity, Inclusiveness, Racial Equity training and technical support to a variety of non-profit organizations, private businesses and government agencies. My areas of expertise include providing trainings that build knowledge, develop skills, and shift organizational culture. I lead diverse groups of people to share a mutual vision to achieve common goals within an equity framework that focuses on shared power. My work is versatile and spans the spectrum from introductory for those who are beginning their journey, to deeply advanced for those continuing ongoing racial justice work. Most of my skills as a consultant are a result of 20 years as a leader and Executive in the non-profit sector. In addition to being principle consultant with the firm, I am also Executive Director of a non-profit which I transformed into an anti-racist, inclusive, equitable organization. For over 20 years I have been responsible for leading inclusiveness initiatives which included facilitating conversations around race, gender, power, privilege and other forms of oppression that can hinder executing goals and meeting missions. Although I have formal racial and social justice education and training it is my lived experience that gives me the unique ability to support community and organizations in true cultural transformation around equity and racial justice.  I have worked with local and national foundations, non-profit organizations, government agencies and both public and private schools.

Transformational Coaching
Having led programs for girls and women for the majority of my career and focused my scholarship on intersectionality gender issues, I have gained a unique knowledge base, experience and expertise. With this foundation I support others with personal and career development, expanding my services to include transformational coaching for individuals or groups of women and girls.

Education & Training
I have a Bachelor of Art in Equity and Social Justice with an emphasis on Intersectionality from Metropolitan State College of Denver and a Master of Art in Ethnic Studies with a certification in Women’s Studies from Colorado State University. In addition to my formal education I am alumni of the Community Resource Center’s Colorado Non-Profit Leadership and Management Program, the Denver Foundation’s Executive Directors of Color Institute, the national Spirit in Action Transformative Leadership Program, and a member of Latinas Lead Colorado and the National Comadres Network.